Literatur zur Agroforstwirtschaft in Mitteleuropa

Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft mit Bäumen: Agroforstsysteme – Agroforstwirtschaft

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Bisher gibt es zum Thema Agroforstwirtschaft wenig deutschsprachige Bücher. Daher finden Sie hier ergänzend die Literaturhinweise auf englisch und französisch.





Agroforesterie. Des arbres et des cultures (Französisch)

von Christian Dupraz, Fabien Liagre

Sprache: Französisch

Ein exzellentes Buch für den Einsteiger, Praktiker wie Wissenschaftler. Unterteilt in zwei Hauptkapitel 'Verstehen' und 'Handeln'. Gut bebildert.

Erscheinungsdatum: 2008
ISBN 13: 978-2-85557-150-8
Preis: EUR 43,-; 413 Seiten

Editions France Agricole

Service Commandes

8 Cité Paradis

75 493 PARIS CEDEX 10




Agroforestry in Europe (Advances in Agroforestry) Agroforestry in Europe (Advances in Agroforestry) (Gebundene Ausgabe)

von Antonio Rigueiro-Rodríguez (Herausgeber), Jim McAdam (Herausgeber), María Rosa Mosquera-Losada (Herausgeber)

Sprache: Englisch

Verlag: Springer Netherlands; 1.Auflage Dezember 2008, 452 Seiten

ISBN-10: 1402082711

ISBN-13: 978-1402082719





Agroforestry in the UK - Bulletin 122
Edited by Max Hislop and Jenny Claridge



  • Introduction Max Hislop and Fergus Sinclair

  • Historical Context Roger Sheldrick and Daniel Auclair

  • Understanding and management of interactions Fergus Sinclair and John Hooker

Best Practice and Current Research

  • Trees for Agroforestry Systems Arnold Beaton and Max Hislop

  • Grazing in Agroforestry Systems Jim McAdam and Alan Sibbald

  • Pigs and Poultry in Agroforestry Systems Mark Brownlow; Peter Carruthers and Peter Dorward

  • Arable Crops in Agroforestry Systems Lynton Incoll and Steve Newman

Environmental Impacts

  • Environmental Impacts Jim McAdam

  • Agroforestry in the Landscape Simon Bell

Economic and Social Impacts

  • The social implications of agroforestry Chris Doyle

  • The economics of agroforestry in the UK Terry Thomas and Bob Willis


Agroforestry in the UK is illustrated with many plates, line diagrams, charts and tables.

Publication date: June 2000

Cost: £25.00

This Bulletin can be ordered in the following ways:

  • by phone on 01329 331345

  • by fax on 01329 330034

  • by email

  • by post Forestry Commission, P0 Box 100, Farnham, Hampshire. P014 2SX


For further information please contact [in GB]:

Max Hislop
Forest Research
Northern Research Station
EH25 9SY
Tel: Ol31 445 2176

Jenny Claridge
c/o Communications Branch
Forest Research
Alice Holt Lodge
GU10 4LH

Tel: 01420 22255
Fax: 01420 23653




Temperate Agroforestry Systems
by Andrew Gordon & Steven Newman
CAB International, 1997.

ISBN 0-85199-147-5. 288 pp.
Price: £39.95

This book explores the development of temperate agroforestry and agroforestry systems, concentrating on those temperate areas where the greatest advances, adoptions and modifications have taken place: North America, New Zealand, Australia, China and Europe. The main chapters deal with the history, development and current state of agroforestry in these regions. Agroforestry systems are widespread and are shown to be economically, environmentally and agronomically effective. A very important book, which will interest and enthuse all interested in agroforestry and tree crops, and gives important guidelines and examples of how to design agroforestry systems.




Agroforestry for Sustainable Land-Use : Fundamental Research and Modelling

With Emphasis on Temperate and Mediterranean Applications (Forestry science)

von Daniel Auclair (Herausgeber), Christian Dupraz (Herausgeber)

Gebundene Ausgabe - Kluwer Academic Pub
Erscheinungsdatum: September 1999
ISBN: 079235799X
Preis: EUR 163,44

Zusammenfassung / Synopsis

This volume comprises a selection of original contributions presented at a workshop held in Montpellier, France, in June 1997. The two main objectives of the workshop were, firstly, to bring together what is understood about the processes underlying agroforestry practice, and, secondly, to provide a forum to explore relevant models and modelling approaches. The workshop was also able to play a role in examining the agroforestry systems encountered in temperate and Mediterranean areas, including both traditional and more innovative agroforestry practices. The main aspects discussed were ecological interactions amongst components, environmental impact, economics and policy modelling.



Agroforestry in Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Advances in Agroecology)
von Louise E. Buck (Herausgeber), James P. Lassoie (Herausgeber), Erick C. M. Fernandes

Gebundene Ausgabe - 400 Seiten - Lewis Publishing
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 1998
ISBN: 1566702941

Preis: EUR 88,77


From Book News, Inc.
Presents 17 contributions that examine the environmental and social conditions that affect the roles and performance of trees in field-and forest-based agricultural production systems. Topics include the roles of soil, water, light, nutrient and pest management in mixed, annual, woody perennial, and livestock systems. Also included are case studies from around the world addressing topics such as the science and practice of black walnut agroforestry in Missouri; domestication of tropical trees; water management and hedgerow agroforestry systems; and animals and agroforestry in the tropics. Book News, Inc.®, Portland, OR

Zusammenfassung / Synopsis
This work examines environmental constraints and conditions involved in the farming and harvesting of all types of trees. The various types of ecological settings for silviculture are analyzed, including dryland forests, temperate zone forests, and tropical forests. In addition, the roles of soil, water and intercropping with other agricultural crops are discussed. All aspects of agroforestry, including social and political factors, and regional climate variations, soil conditions and biological controls, are covered. Case studies from around the world offer innovative strategies that have been used successfully in raising sustainable forests for commercial harvesting. The ecological interrelationships among forests, soils, root systems and water systems is examined.






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